Movie overdose

Four films over the span of two days. All in movie houses, as well … none of that “watch in front of the TV while everything else around distracts you from the experience …” kind of crap.

First was High Noon, the work that defines the Western genre for many a critic. Truly revealing of the power of film and story telling over technical flare. The tension built by this piece was incredible, considering the limited resources at their disposal compared to today’s industry.

Plus Leo is right: Katy Jurado does look like Maria Arteta more than I could ever believe possible!

The Quiet Man completed the wonderful evening at the Stanford Theater. A film I had seen but remembered little of. John Ford showing us that caricatures were made even then. It was Irish culture that was on the receiving end this time, with all kinds of silly anecdotal “they drink, they sing, they are stubborn” sorts of simplifications.

Then Capturing the Friedmans, showing the power of the documentary genre, possibly the easiest type of film to make if you are an aspiring movie-maker.

Wrapped up by a terrible Spanish production, KM. 0, which shows full well why one should never try to copy other formulaic pieces of work. This is what we call a comedia de enredo in Spain (situational comedy, I guess) and those should be best left to Hollywood types.

Overdose is the right word.

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