Back from Utah

And what a wonderful trip it was …

They always are, really. Anytime you step inside one of the National Parks you’re in for a treat, as they say here. It so happens that I am more likely to enjoy the desert-heavy, canyon-ridden, spectacular cliffs carved by the Colorado river (and friends) … at least I believe so and will be able to confirm when we head over to Alaska in a week.

Well, we got to see 4 of them this time! How is that for some good clean nature-driven fun!?! First up was Canyonlands’ Island in the Sky northern area together with Dead Horse Point, followed up by well-known Arches, back to Canyonlands for the southern Needles trip, finishing up over at Capitol Reef.

A long and well needed break away from that impasse of job search activity I’m in the middle of, enjoying photography at its simplest again (the breathtaking landscapes practically guarantee amazing photos for you here!)

Here is a link to Shutterfly’s online storage of the best photos I took during the trip (about 8-10% of all the times I hit the shutter!)

Enjoy the pictures! And let me know what you think of them as well, of course …

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