Frat boys and their parties …

What a difference a week (or was it two?) can make!

Just a few days ago, on a Saturday just like yesterday’s we were in the middle of a perfectly snobbish party in the high-rise pool/exercise area of an exclusive downtown San Francisco apartment building, surrounded by loose-fitting clothed DJs, massauses and people talking to other people the didn’t seem to know.

Well this Saturday it was college-party USA time. BBQ on the deck, next to the basketball court backyard, Snoop Dogg poster on the wall, foozball table at bay and jello shots galore. Pimping degrees framed and prominently displayed, swimsuit special edition Sports Illustrated sitting on the couches, and the token drunk teenager who can hardly walk and has to pass out while barely holding a beer upright in his hands.

This was college life for many US teenage students, specially those who lived in fraternity houses, but … to be living it 4 years after you graduated? How cool is that?

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