Spring cleaning …

Life spring cleaning that is. With so much going on, this happens to be the perfect time for it …

The big question is: just how much do you want to throw out? How much will be stored away? How much given to charity or missed when looked for?

I happen to be in the middle of a move. And “moving” jobs. Maybe even moving continets, while we’re at it … changing groups of friends and daily life as I have known it for the last few years.

If my heart can take this there is little else it won’t be able to handle, no?

But just exactly what is it that we do when we embark on a spring cleaning project? We store the things we won’t be needing much.

The analogy works on many different levels. One could say that at 30 years old, my life is about to go into its summer season, after and interesting winter/spring mix, that should have prepared me well for the meat of the matter, no?

Well, we just will have to wait and see.

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