A little over a week …

… and counting (down)!

What I mean is, it’s been a little bit over a week since I moved up to the city (San Francisco) and the days are counting down. Counting down to what I hope will be a new job and a year full of interesting experiences back in Europe with Oracle.

Nottingham/Manchester/London/Madrid/Toledo? Whatever shall it be. Hard to get used to the idea, but nonetheless the right thing to do, since all is set up to lead me in that direction.

A direction that many have already expressed envy over. And yet I can’t help but feel sort of ambivalent about. Yet another sign of spoiled-rotten behavior?

Surely things will change once they materialize and the energy of the work at hand fills the current void. Yet is is hard to feel so energized while still immersed in this familiar shell of wonderful people and places that have filled up your life with memories for the last 7+ years.

No sense in doing nothing other than enjoying the last few weeks in this wonderful city, majestic current residence and all.

The countdown could be as short as 3 weeks’ worth of wonderful rainy overcast days in the city by the bay. Better get ready!

One thought on “A little over a week …

  1. I would love a chance to work in the UK, myself. But that’s because the UK has by far the best music, and growing up in South Africa, my cultural tendencies lean towards British, rather than American.

    (Hi Juan!)

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