Borrowed life

I’m here in the city. Loving it, given the wonderful accommodations found and the continued company of friends that had just relocated up here as well as I just did.

Closer to everything. Farther from only a few things that I miss and some that I wish to remain at a distance at this point in time.

But it all feels borrowed. I wonder why.

Yet one can wonder even when things are pretty obvious.

Borrowed because the clock is ticking, soon I should be on my way to the next chapter of my professional as well as personal books.

Borrowed because the surrounding has been (magnificently) set up by somebody else. Much in the same way I would have done it myself, which is the main reason I fit like a glove in here.

Borrowed because even if I wanted to prolong the stay, there is a clear expiration date, if only I could have somebody stamp it on the bottle already things might even be easier than they are.

Now, tell me: who cares if it is/feels borrowed? Live it out loud … live today!

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