I love doing this. I love films and making them. Today was only confirmation of that.

Today was day 1 of the production for the second short film I’ve ever been involved in. The first one was The Curse of the Red Book a month or so back. I helped Mario then as “Assistant Director” (whatever that means 😉 ) but this time we “wrote” the story together and came up with the basic shots and scenes we thought would tell the story well.

Filmed in 8 mm by Mario today, I was in front of the camera as well feeling out what acting might be like. Arturo helped with the lightmeter, focus, etc. We walked all over town, shot what we thought made sense and rested in front of three cups of coffee at Embarcadero full of hope for the exposed film sitting in that camera bag under the table.

I don’t need any more confirmation. This is the kind of hobby you keep!

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