I Missed my Mac

It sounds weird to be writing this, but seeing that little gray Apple logo on white background, dented wheel boot up progress throbber in action after almost two months made my day today!

Some people grow attached to other types of tools, their fountain pens for instance. I have always thought that this would be possible with the computer when seen as a tool as well. Specially with the laptop, which evokes those old cigar boxes where people used to keep their secrets, much like we now do in digital form.

Anyway, just like the physical object of the laptop itself can instill in us thoughts of creative bliss, so can applications as well as application environments, and that is where OS X fits (no, not Microsoft Word-like apps, of course … but have you felt that rythm rush when you launch iTunes or not!?! I have!!! There must be a way to write a word processor that makes me want to write, damn it.)

Sure, OS X happens to sit at the perfect crossroads of the “artsy geek” roadmap. It is the powerful Unix environment with caramelized applications that make so many like myself enjoy using it so much. Out of that enjoyment come obvious productivity advantages. Finding the muse somehow seems easier when this particular pen is in my hands. Strange that, no?

I am sure in 10 years time some other environment will come along and usurp that pleasure that OS X users feel today. I am sure the same psychological conditioning will be possible then around a separate group of tools. But for now I am going to enjoy making short films using iMovie (learning Final Cut soon, maybe?), buying/listening/mixing my music in iTunes, writing my blog entries in Safari, the list goes on and on really.

Don’t get me wrong. I know I can do all those things on a PC and I do them when there is no better way, but just like writing a love letter is no fun when the paper/pen combination is not right, so dulling and uninspiring the tools on the major computing platform can be.

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  1. This is MAC thing…
    C’mon guys! It’s turning into a religion!

    (Ed. note: originally posted on wrong thread, later moved here!)

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