Photography as art

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> The reason – in fact, photography is the HARDEST of the arts,
> because it is completely subtractive. You start with everything
> and subtract until you are saying what you mean with your photos.

Totally disagree. If I could paint, play an instrument or sing I wouldn’t take pictures. Photography is so popular because it’s much easier than other arts. Taking good pictures is surely harder, but that’ because you need something in your brain other than a good camera.

I couldn’t agree more with the response given by the second poster. I myself wouldn’t take as many pictures if I could play an instrument well. Much more time would be devoted to music (strumming the guitar) than currently done.

Sure, I would still take pictures (it is just for effect that the poster claims he wouldn’t take pictures … we all do!) but I would still find myself doing less photography and learning more songs to play.

Then again, who’s to say that it will not be that way some day?

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  1. Juan – where are you? Without these posts we’ll never know what’s happening in your life. Is everything ok? Are you at Oracle? Are you even living in the US anymore? Tell us!

  2. I am indeed still living in the US and working at Oracle. Hard to even know when the last time we talked was since I don’t even know who you are … The Comcast customer pool is way too large for me to venture a guess based on a reverse IP lookup. šŸ™‚

    Thanks for dropping a line, though. Maybe you’ll come back and see my response here.

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