Alaska here we come!

The bad news is that things are pretty quiet on the job hunt front (for the last day and a half …)

The good news is that the upcoming trip to Alaska will make all that irrelevant since tomorrow I will be out and about, enjoying the views of the great outdoors once again.

Of course I know I shouldn’t complain. After lots of activity last week with great Oracle and Amazon interviews, I should not be anxious to get that final call. The one that will either offer me a job or explain why there’s no match for my skill set or how some other candidate might have been a better overall fit for the job.

I am expecting a couple of those kinds of calls from Oracle and Yahoo! with yes/no types of decisions. We’ve already talked enough for them to know if an offer will be made and for me to get an idea of what it is that I would be signing up for.

It’s hard to be patient when it is not in your nature. Trust me.

And that is exactly the reason where traveling comes in to the rescue. A trip up to Alaska is exactly what I need to alleviate the feeling of being stuck in an awkward impasse.

Don’t get me wrong, I keep plenty busy otherwise. The guitar isn’t collecting dust anymore (have picked up a couple new chords and progressions, though no solid playing mechanics yet) and my digital pictures are in better shape now than they were before (lots of rotation, panorama work and the such …) Finished reading “El Alquimista” not long ago and might take the plunge on new “creative” avenues any second now (either a DSLR or a camcorder seem like the best candidates.)

So, all in all, I don’t feel like I am wasting my time away from the rat race. I just have high expectations on what it is that could be done with that time.

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