Location scouting

Sure, we don’t really know what we’re doing. But Mario and I went location scouting today.

This is for a short film we’re going to shoot in a week. Interested?

Here are some pictures of the Stanford CoHo, where we think we’ll finally shoot in true guerrilla style, since we haven’t asked for permission or anything like that.

The short is titled The Curse of the Red Book and Mario is putting it together for his production class in SF. It should be lots of fun doing this together with him, taking those first daunting steps in the world of amateur film-making, no?

I’ve always wanted to do it. Had ephemeral ideas of what the best sort of material would be to produce, but never did sit down to do anything more than a cute montage of pictures with music and some clever iMovie editing.

Well now that is over. Live action here we come. Actors, a small story, lots of added complexity even with fixed camera arrangements. Worried? Nah! What could go wrong? 🙂

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