Reload is the name of the second short film Mario and I have worked on in the last few months. I was lucky enough to attend the screening at City College and here are a few thoughts from the experience.

The most interesting aspect of being there in the classroom is to be able to see other people’s work and hear their mutual comments. Energizing, very insightful and definitely a good motivator to sign myself up for classes next semester.

Our short is definitely in the not-too-shabby part of the Bell curve. It looks more polished than most of what’s been looked at, and it succeeds at showing a transformation, telling a bit of a story which might sound silly but really is what film making happens to be all about. Storytelling.

The most interesting revelation from the 3 hour session was simple: no matter how well you navigate the tools, how comfortable you are with the medium (and by these two I mean: editing, camera operation, lighting, etc.) you need a rewarding story to tell. One that people will be interested in hearing. One that you yourself would be interested in hearing.

Does it even pass that test? Would you watch your own film if you had an option not to?

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