SOMA walking/house hunting

So I’m not even sure I will need a house in this city, but that shoudn’t stop me from looking for one, right?

Last couple of mornings I’ve gone to some appointments made to take a look at just what SOMA has to offer in terms of rental space. I’m going to try and write a few lines down here so that I remember what I’ve taken a look at and what I thought of those places.

31 Rodgers St.
Located in a small alley opposite the Cat Club off Folsom this 1 bedroom apartment is the basement unit on a beat-up Victorian three storied house. The floor plan actually makes this and interesting option, just not for me. Pretty old bathroom fixtures and in the middle of some serious kitchen re-flooring. I think I’ll pass.

638 Minna St.
This is a loft in a more centric location (that is, 10 minutes closer to the Metreon than the place I’m staying at currently is) with a nice floorplan as well if only a bit narrow on the bedroom side (my king size bed won’t fit there, that is a given.) Expensive given what I pay now, and not all that appealing if I can stay where I am at.

Across the street is another Victorian apartment much like the one above which I took a customary look at, but won’t be interested in for much the same reasons.

469 Clementina St.
Didn’t actually make an appointment here yet. Only seen it from the outside, what seems like a not too old, not too new loft building (green). I get the impression that the floorplan is going to be rather narow, but very high-ceilinged, will keep in mind just in case.

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