Do you flirt?

It’s hard. Specially when you know you’re not supposed to do anything about it. It’s hard, because it is in the air. You can both breathe it and it drives you both nuts. Turns you into the most basic of animals, which is what we all were to begin with, right?

There’s and understanding there; one that makes you both see that nothing can happen between you two, not tonight, maybe never. Yet you’re both there looking for ways to spend more time together. Via simple tricks of the trade you learned on the job before.

You try not to look her way. Avoid the confrontation, lest it suck you in and never let you out. And you catch a glimpse of her look your way but try not to reciprocate. Tough, she saw that smirk of yours, you lose! Now you could be dead. That is if you wanted to be dead.

But it’s out of the question. Best friend’s sister maybe. Ex-girlfriend with a rocky breakup behind you. Too young. Too old. You name it.

And you make mistakes. We all make “mistakes”. Some on purpose, some others just for fun. But you know they are mistakes after all. They’re not just random acts of flirtation, they come from somewhere and that somewhere scares the living hell out of you ’cause you know one thing, you know you don’t understand where it comes from.

So you find the right music, and decide it couldn’t hurt to listen to it together. Bang! You’ve made another connection. And you carry the conversation the best you can, that should never change right? Why not be snippy and find out how much she fits your mould? Nobody should ever stop doing that! Right?

Yet you know it should not, and ought not to be. After all, there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed. Not that often anyway.

Let it go, just let it go …

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