Interpol (and some Radiohead as well)

I’ve been listening a lot to Interpol ( lately – last week or so, since I got my hands on their “Turn On the Bright Lights

Highly recommended. Another great band to come out of NYC recently. Check out last year’s favorites The Strokes ( if you haven’t yet. Highlight songs for me are PDA (of Popscene fame at least for me) as well as Untitled, Obstacle 1 and Say Hello to the Angels.

It is always interesting to see what one considers to be “hit single caliber” in a record before you even become aware of what the record company/band came to agree upon. PDA is definitely the catchiest tune, and I can see why they’ve picked Obstacle 1 as well. It’s all about guitar riffs these days I guess …

I did “pick up” the latest Radiohead as well, and I must say that as far as single release is concerned I would have much rather had 2+2=5 picked up. Great guitar riff, coming out of the blue one third into the song, making for another explosive, energetic Radiohead tune. A little disappointing record as a whole though upon first impression. We’ll have to wait and see if it grows on you like most other Radiohead releases do.

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