Joaco trip report

I’ve named it the “redemption trip”, for reasons that will become immediately apparent. After just about a week of a short but action-packed stay here Joaco left on Thursday back to Barcelona. Let’s see what did we do?

First, just the facts:

  • Golden Gate ride.
  • Bay cruise (supposed to be Alcatraz.)
  • Visit the (closed for Thanksgiving break) Apple campus.
  • Twin Peaks overlook.
  • Cable car ride.
  • Berkeley trip.
  • Stanford/Palo Alto visit.
  • IMAX The Matrix Revolutions.
  • Lots of shopping.
  • Lots of geeky things we won’t get into (computers, video, photo, etc.)

Overall, a hell of a lot of things when put all together. But most important of all we got to do one thing that we didn’t get to do last time he was here: spend time together! That is where the feeling of redemption came from.

See, Joaco was here 5 years ago when I was in the midst of an all-consuming product release (MerchantXpert 2.0, I believe) and I did not spend more than a few hours with him, much to my later disappointment.

Anyway, all is now restored in fair balance and equilibrium. Too bad it had to wait 5 years to come full circle!

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