Thanksgiving dinner 2003

Just so that we remember this one as well as the more glamorous ones past, here’s a little blurb about what happened.

Joaco’s SF visit was cut short by one day (he decided to fly out one day earlier than originally planned) so after driving him and Garde out to the Airport I met back with Nacho, David, Efrén and Chere at the loft.

They cooked (I had already made the estofado beforehand) and we had quite a bit of fun watching more and more Port wine make it into the sauce that was going to be served with the turkey (breasts) … No, we didn’t cook a full bird, thank God! There were enough leftovers as is already, don’t need any more.

There are some pictures at Shutterfly that just about sum it all up.

It was great to gather some of the friends in the area now that we don’t get to see each other as often given the move of some to the city, but it was hard to think of the ones that didn’t make it for several reasons. Some reasonable, some feeling unreasonable to me at the time.

After a couple rounds of our beloved game of mus we ventured out to try and find some open clubs (Nancy and Cara had joined us by then) but nothing seemed to be going on around 10th St. and my escapade to Popscene didn’t gather much support.

All in all, a bittersweet Thanksgiving.

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