I love taking these long walks. For somebody that optimizes ad nauseum and tries to accomplish things as efficiently as possible that might sound like a complete aberration. Far from it. In fact it reinforces the fact that in order to optimize enjoyment of the moment, a long walk to the car is exactly what I need right now.

You park closest to the theatre when you go to the movies. You get on the shortest line. You try to pick the best seats.

But not always is it the case that expedience is of the essence.

If I know I’ll be in this wonderful campus I might just take the long stretch and -who knows?- on a warn night such as this I might find myself sitting on the floor at the main quad. Laptop lighting up my face, typing up about how much I love this moment, this place.

The same type of moment that so far only a walk around the old narrow pebbled streets of my hometown could evoke has surely found its way into my heart. And for that reason it will become even more difficult to separate myself from it. Yet for that reason it will be so easy not to miss it so much once it is gone. For there is another place after all. One that can not just flare up the night, it can also light up your spirit and your sense of destiny.

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