Spinning brain

It’s already happened a few times and I’m starting to believe that there is a reason why tossing and turning in bed just means the brain needs a release. I’ve found no better way of relaxing than writing here, in my blog.

It works like magic: if I can’t fall asleep for whatever the reason (either late at night or early in the morning after you wake up by accident) the best thing to do is grab the laptop and type away. Whatever comes out first, don’t worry, something will.

And so it is that I’ve been sitting right outside my window at the Hyatt Hotel in Reston, VA (nearby Washington, DC) seeing the first of the daylight come out of the sky. Reflecting on the things that I wanted to get out of that spinning brain of mine which kept me turning around in circles since just about 5 AM this morning. Or should I say last night?

Feels much better now. I think I can go back to my regularly scheduled routine.

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