Eva’s message today made me think of how important gratitude is:

Yes, yes, you did it. I will not forget this birthday of mine. You know it has been so special I will stick it in my mind forever and in future birthdays it will pop up unexpectedly and I’ll have you all there, in front of me, again, even if I am far away.

You know I am not good at words, and when talking about feelings it is much harder for me to find the right words to describe them (and if I’m speaking in english, you can imagine…).

I just wanted to say thank you, to all of you, for being there, for making my birthday such a special day.


I’ve always had fun at surprise parties like the one we threw for her on Friday. But this one was special because she made it so. Her sincere expression of excitement and appreciation made it all the more fun.

She was like a little kid jumping up and down all happy in glee, right down to the present opening ceremony.

I believe I actually also thanked the folks that put together the same sort of celebration for me a couple years ago for my 29th. I just hope I am not wrong and that I did actually thank them effusively.

I also hope in my spirit and demeanor I was able to show my appreciation at the time as well.

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