Is this how they tell you it would happen?

Short e-mail. Two, actually. Barely 14 hours before the time the shit would come raining down.

Two e-mails that leave you wondering. Contemplating the “what it”?

This certainly smells like the real deal … No more watching from the sidelines, this time you’re going to have the mud splashed all over your face, buddy. You might even be biting it off the floor, so better clean those teeth well tonight, you’ll need as much of a bite as you can get.

And wasn’t it you anyway who claimed that too much of your self-esteem came from your job? Complained that it defined too much of your personality? Who you were? How people would look at you?

Well you’re about to maybe get a chance to turn all that around. You might be asked to, as a matter of fact. Politely, of course. But you might just be asked to look elsewhere for your next chunk of self-esteem, your next serving of satisfaction.

So what if you happen to be in the middle of other crap? Important crap! Moves are nothing when you compare them to the sort of event that you just got front seat tickets to tomorrow.

Come back and tell us what you thought of it all after tomorrow, we’ll be waiting to hear back!

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