Caffe Soma

A cafe in the middle of nowhere. Reminiscent for me of Baghdad cafe, for some reason. maybe just the wordplay.

Sat down, wrote this …

Saturday morning, 4 hour sleep. Sitting somewhere in the middle of “deep SOMA” (caffe Soma is what the sign claims) and I think I just realized that what I was seduced by was not moving up to the city, but moving in (by myself?) into one of those great lofts where I could start to design a new life again. The one I’m living now is great, but getting old and predictable.

Mind you: I am here looking at lofts in Soma. I am looking at the very possibility of moving up to the city. But I am just not sure it will happen.

There’s nothing better at times than having to look at something right in the eye, face it like you had already made the commitment to follow through. Right there and then things become a whole lot more clear.

And I did like the first place I got to see this morning. I liked it and the promise of a new life it gave me while I took those pictures. The very same pictures that I’ll stash away and never look at after this short hiatus.

I think I’ve opened yet another front on this “look for a place to live” war waging right now: look at “loft-like” single bedroom apartments in the Palo Alto/mid-peninsula area.

And no, we won’t talk about last night here.

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