Media consumption

What sorts of media do I consume?

Web: slashdot, engadget, dpreview, avsforum.

Old-media online: Marca, As, El Pais, NYT.

Music: in spurts, driven by friend’s tips and old-time favorite bands releases plus upcoming concerts.

Radio: This American Life, WRCT (though iTunes podcasts)

TV: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, live sports events (Real Madrid, F1) and little else.

Film: new releases by directors and actors that I have grown to appreciate. How do I discover new film? Who connects me to it?

The one thing that has become clear while starting this list out is that I spend a lot of time avoiding marketing campaigns, trying to identify just what it is that I like if I could just strip away the veneer of shiny marketoid gloss that every artist puts on after the conglomerates take ownership of their production output. Sad, isn’t it?

No, I don’t think I succeed at that either. Marketing is omnipresent, even if the viral sort that only makes us belief that we decided to go see that movie, and it wasn’t the studio that shoved it down our throats.

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