love actually

Probably sentimental crap. But just exactly the kind of sentimental crap I was in the mood for, actually.

Many stories, all intertwined, all having to do with love. And Christmas. And how both of those are supposed to complement one another. Most of the gags have already been spoiled for you in the trailers, but I didn’t go for the quick laughs and the witty one-liners, I went for the formulaic sentimental dribble.

And boy did I enjoy it!

I am a sucker for that kind of thick coat of warm-fuzzies all over my Hollywood-like films. And don’t let them fool you, this is a Hollywood work even if the production credits are British! On any other given day (this film must be seem before Christmas to make any sort of sense and/or impact) I would have probably barfed at the easy cheesy affectionate riddle of a mixup all of the lives of these people on the screen where being turned into, but today I didn’t.

Today I actually came out re-thinking my Christmas plans (I now have two really good ideas, one true and tried classic the other TV-commercial or maybe even music video worthy) and how the would have remained Scrooge-worthy had I not seen this film. Ain’t that something?

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