VoIP works!

After much hassle I finally signed up with Lingo, a VoIP provider that just started offering unlimited calling to Western Europe for $20 a month.

Other than multiple firewall configuration problems as usual (2Wire’s router is buggy as hell when it comes to DMZ configuration) I am very impressed with the solution.

Three calls to Spain with perfect quality on my end (and only one short instance of “echo” reported on the other end) gave me the best

We’ll see how well it fares when I plug the ATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter, in their “lingo” :-)) to the DSL connection in Spain. The real use I intend to give it this summer!

5 thoughts on “VoIP works!

  1. The Tech Support person provided some useful info:
    – user/ph3taswe is the userid/passwd combination for end-user configuration of their ATA hardware.
    – udp 5060-5065 and tcp/udp 13456-15456 are the ports they claim to be used (though there are more possibly, unless it is the router failing here …)

  2. I did have to call Tech. Support a couple of times to get their help configuring the firewall settings. The first ticket number was 4832, in case I need it later.

  3. Ticket number after 3 hours of tech support phone call to debug their AZATEL board: 35634. Can you spell frustrating?!? And we’re on to level 2 support …

  4. My D-Link router was acting up today and I mis-diagnosed it to a Lingo problem. Their tech support was much more helpful this time and we decided to leave my ATA on the DMZ for now to see if things improve.

    In case I need to port-forward in the future, this is their current stance on ports:

  5. While I was at it, decided to ask why the user password had changed on the web interface to the Lingo ATA box. They claim that I have changed it, to ‘WSPa+WfP’ which I don’t remember doing since I couldn’t have possibly come up with that password.

    Is there a script out there changing Lingo ATA default password accounts on those like me, too lazy to change it to something they will remember?

    Of course, if I could keep it inside the DMZ this wouldn’t be a problem, would it?

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