New file server plans

It was only a matter of time (it will always be) and my Linux software-RAID based home fileserver reached full capacity right before Christmas break.

After some light investigation (sometimes the product you’ve been looking for finds you, rather than the other way around) I decided to buy a ReadyNAS 600 from Infrant which is sitting at home waiting for a couple of 400GB drives to appear.

Things to do:

  1. Burn-in: run it for a week or so (longer?) before the full data migration happens.
  2. Set up new volume strategy (separate music and photos from user space, serve media content for direct TiVo access, etc.)
  3. Automate virus checking and backup process.

Thoughts for the future:

  • Buy a second unit (locate old one in Spain?) and rsync across them for backup purposes? Make sure backups only happen after successful virus check runs

One thought on “New file server plans

  1. Grrreat! The just releases a new model, 40% smaller, hot-swappable bays. I hope it is just that, and not a plethora of new features that I will miss. Grrrr.

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